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We're ready to earn your confidence and trust!

At Simmons Plumbing our customers' complete and total satisfaction is why we're the #1 Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning company on the seacoast of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. View all of our Google Reviews. Below are just a handful of testimonials from our highly satisfied customers:

5 stars review Yelp review
July 2021

Brian and Corey just finished installing a 2 ton whole house air conditioning unit. They showed up on time, worked diligently and let us know what they were doing. They were very friendly and they explained the operation and servicing of the unit very easily. We were thrilled with their work, especially how quickly they were here after our down payment. The pricing seemed high at the time of the quote, but, after checking with other companies, we found out that the price was very reasonable and the service was superb. We would definitely recommend the company. We are extremely satisfied.

William F. – Salisbury MA

5 stars review Yelp review
February 2021

Simmons Plumbing team competitively quoted and installed a replacement high efficiency gas boiler and dual unit ductless AC system at my house in early January 2021. The installers were punctual, organized, efficient and did quality work. It was a big project done with minimal interruption to my home working schedule and lots of care for the property. One month on, the systems are working very well. I'm pleased with all aspects of the Simmons team process. I'm happy to have chosen Simmons for this work.


5 stars review Google review
December 2020

3 years ago -- on a Saturday night -- the hot water was ice cold and I could hear water running -- so called Simmons -- they had a plumber at my house -- on a Saturday night within an hour -- he shut it off and the next day -- a Sunday -- put in a new one -- no extra cost -- you can't beat that for service. They are amazing.

Marilyn DeBrase

5 stars review Google review
November 2020

I've been using Simmons for 14 years. I've never had a problem, their work is excellent, people are very professional and knowledgeable. They always show up on time and their costs are reasonable.

Mark H

5 stars review YELP review

Simmons saved the day... and my frozen pipes! It's never a good thing to discover that you have no water due to frozen pipes at 11:00 at night. And it's really not a good thing when your "regular" plumber doesn't return your emergency call. I searched online and got recommendations from friends and called Simmons Plumbing located not far from my home on Railroad Avenue in Seabrook. I had to leave a message because I am not a regular customer, but they returned my call first thing the next morning. I explained my situation and they told me they would have someone come to my house within the hour. They arrived about 15 minutes later!

Dave and his helper went to work right away with a large heater and managed to thaw out the frozen blockage quickly, with no damage to the pipes. They discovered that it was my water meter that froze. It has a break plate that is designed to crack if the meter freezes so they told me it would have to be replaced. We had to coordinate a visit by the town water department to replace the damaged meter. Fortunately, they were not far away and were able to stop by with a new water meter within an hour. Dave and his helper left to help another customer with frozen pipes while the water department was here.

Once the water department was finished, Dave and his helper returned to finish up their part of the job. They also replaced my old heat tape and re-wrapped the entire water meter and the pipes coming from the ground with new insulation. What a nice neat job they did!

They were knowledgeable, hard-working and super friendly. They managed to turn a most stressful situation into a very satisfactory experience. And amazingly, I was able to be at work at 1:00 PM so not much lost time, either! I was not a regular customer when I called Simmons, but I told them they can consider me a regular customer now! Thank you for the great job!

Patricia E, Seabrook, NH

5 stars review YELP review

Wanted to say how pleased I am with Simmons. My wife and I started to have a puddle of water in our basement which over time became more like a lake.

Once I contacted Simmons, they sent a crew out first thing next morning and fixed the problem very quickly and efficiently. I didn't meet the crew as I'm in bed recovering from a broken leg, however my wife said the 2 young men were very polite and explained exactly what had happened.

The fee was very reasonable. I would certainly recommend Simmons unreservedly for a/c work and can assume they are as good with boiler work.

Nick R., Newburyport, MA

5 stars review
November 2019

Had Simmons come out for a water heater issue and later for a leak under our sink. We ended up having them replace our sink, faucet and garbage disposal. They were great with communication, as I had to email a few times to ask questions about sinks. We were very pleased with both jobs that they did.

Moe H., Kensington NH

5 stars review Google review
42 weeks ago - March 2019

Staff is amazing professional and prompt.

Mark M., Seabrook NH

5 stars review Google review
48 weeks ago – February 2019

I've used them for a few years now. Everything from normal maintenance and emergency service, to complete boiler replacement. They are always professional and personable. Patricia E.

Rick P., South Hampton NH

5 stars review

Simmons has done new installations, periodic service and best of all prompt and efficient resolution of unexpected HVAC issues. Phone response is excellent and service professionals have always been professional, congenial and extremely efficient in resolving my issues. They not only resolve the issue at hand but also offer recommendations and helpful information regarding my systems. I highly recommend Simmons Plumbing and HVAC

Kathleen W., Bradford, MA

5 stars review

We have a very elaborate beachfront property. We're very used to contractors going high on their estimates. A minor emergency requires me to find a local HVAC/Plumber quickly. They came at the specified time. The work was above and beyond what I expected and the bill was less than half what I expected. Needless to say I will never call another company for our climate and plumbing needs.

Kent S., Arlington, MA

5 stars review Google review
Apr 25, 2017

Within the past couple of weeks, we have had to call Simmons for plumbing and heating issues on a number of occasions. From the initial call with April, Simmons was friendly, professional, and responsive. First, we had no hot water, and April sent someone within hours to fix the problem. (She said, "Nobody wants to go without hot showers! We'll fix that right away for you!) In an age where I often find myself begging for a response from service providers, it was wonderful to feel so taken care of. Simmons also came to detach our broken gas range and then, the next day, to hook up the new one. Again, they said that they did not want us to have to go without our oven. Each person who came to our house (Craig, David) was extremely helpful (even leaving written instructions near water heater in case a problem arises in the future). We highly recommend Simmons for all of your plumbing and HVAC needs.

Amy R.

5 stars review Yelp review
Jul 9, 2017

We have used Simmons twice being new to the area. Once for inspecting and maintenance on our air conditioning system and the second time to install a new water heater. They have been fast and reliable so far. We recommend them and expect they will continue to do a great job. We called them today because the condensing unit that pumps out the extra water from our AC is not working properly and they scheduled us for today within 4 to 5 hours from my phone call. I know this doesn't always happen but the last time over the 4th of July we called for the water heater they came within a couple of days much faster than we thought.

Peter M.

5 stars review

Since I purchased my condo in 2014, I have been experiencing problems with my boiler not maintaining the temperature set on the thermostat, when we would experience a prolonged cold snap with temperatures below 20F outside.
I tried making adjustments such as changing the thermostat or turning the heat up beyond my normal house temp in an effort to "ride out" cold temperatures, but the indoor temperature, even if set as high as 75F would still drop ever so slowly to 60F and sometimes 58F. No upward adjustment of the thermostat would remedy the situation. When these issues would occur, the temperatures outside would be very low, causing the service reps to make emergency calls for issues such as leaks from frozen pipes, so by the time a service rep could make a house call for me, the outside temperatures would have rose above 20F and the boiler would seem to be operating correctly.
It wasn't until I got the service repair man Craig (last name unknown) that my luck turned a round. Instead of dismissing my concerns or my historical knowledge of the situation he listened and continued to troubleshoot the system. After trying several things he opened up the front panel and noticed that the aquastat temperature dial had been turned down to 140 F. I have a Boiler with forced hot water for my heat. These systems should be set at about 180 F, and typically they are left at 180F and no further adjustments are made.
We hypothesized that the previous owner had turned the aquastat down in and effort to save money when the condo was on the market. Craig made the adjustment and replaced a reducer valve as well. My system was not originally set up properly as there is no air scoop, so the system must be purged of air at least on an annual basis or the air buildup in the lines will lower the efficiency of the system. Craig took the time to show me how to bleed the lines properly, waiting patiently while I took notes. He also explained how my system worked, the limitations, and what could be done to improve the system. I was left feeling much more knowledge about my boiler and had the confidence to do minor troubleshooting. Unfortunately, we weren't out of he woods yet. The pressure release valve blew hours after the aquastat had been turned up. I called Simmons emergency line and the gentleman on the phone was able to talk me through what to do. The success of that call was mostly due to the knowledge I had gained from the service call with Craig. I was able to turn the aquastat down and bleed the lines to reduce the pressure. Simmons sent Craig back out the next day where he replaced the reducer valve which was under warranty, and installed a larger expansion tank. Ever since that day my heat has been working properly. The expansion tank I had previously was not sized to fit the system and it was installed upside down. Craig corrected those issues explaining each step along the way. I have Simmons clean and service my unit ever year and will continue to do so thanks to the excellent service I received this year from Craig. On my own I insulated all the hot water piping that was visible in the closet where the boiler was and in the attic, as well as installing heat trapping curtains on the bedroom windows. Each day we now turn down the thermostat when we leave the house to reduce the energy consumption. This was not possible before the repairs as the heat, if cold enough outside, would not rebound if left too low. With the changes that Craig made along with the additional insulation my heating bill went down by $30-40 as compared to the same month in prior years! I am a satisfied customer and want to give full credit to the excellent service Craig provided.

Ryan D.


Amazing! We have been customers for over 12 years. This month (Dec 2016), as my husband just passed away, I asked a friend to disconnect the garden hoses for me (I have arthritis in the hands). He didn't do one of them. I realized it Saturday night. Tried, went to Home Depot, picked up tools and tried to take the hose off.. Would not worked. Called Simmons this morning (Sunday!).
They came, fixed it. Didn't take long but made me very happy as they didn't even charge for the job! Wish every company was like them.

Reviews from Eszter Wilson, (zip code: 03842)

5 stars review

We were in a difficult situation; our 10 year old heating/hot water system failed and found out it couldn't be repaired and needed to be replaced. We were recommended Simmons Heating Plumbing and gave them a call. Within 3 hours they were at my house going thru the options that I had available.

John spent over an hour with me going over my concerns and explaining the components of the new system I was looking to purchase.

We decided to go with Simmons Heating Plumbing and within 3 days we had our new system installed. My wife and I were delighted with the crew that installed the system. It was obvious that they were well trained, skilled and professional. Any questions my wife or I had they were happy to answer and provided a complete explanation. The install itself is so nice, its well organized and neat! We had an unplanned and very frustrating situation and Simmons Plumbing was able to correct our situation by providing excellent customer service!

Edward S., Plaistow NH

On one of the coldest nights of the winter our furnace broke down. Simmons Plumbing & HVAC arrived within one hour of our emergency phone call. With 2 young children, going without heat was not an option. Thank you so much.

George and Patty, Newburyport MA

Our water heater failed on a Saturday night. Simmons Plumbing & HVAC showed up immediately and quickly took care of the problem. They really do provide 24-7 service. Thanks Simmons Plumbing!

Tom and Lisa, York ME

I'd like to thank Simmons Plumbing & HVAC for taking care of my air conditioning last July. As I am a senior citizen, I absolutely need the comfort of a cool home in the summer. Simmons is my #1 choice.

Mary and Ed, Portsmouth NH

Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects are a stunning success thanks to Simmons Plumbing & HVAC. They came out within 1 day of our phone call and helped us to plan everything from start to finish. We love our radiant floor heating system. We highly recommend Simmons Plumbing & HVAC to all of our family and friends!

Rob and Sheila, Middleton MA

Thank you so much. We spent a lot of money on this project and you have made us feel very comfortable and worry free. We are glad we went with Simmons.

Bill, Andover MA

You are professionals! That’s hard to find these days. You will always be our 1st call for service and we will always recommend Simmons to anyone who asks. Thanks again.

Doug and Patti, Newburyport MA

My wife Carrie and I are not only 100% satisfied with our installation, but also want to personally thank the entire Simmons organization for a job exceptionally well done.

Tom and Carrie, Merrimac MA

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