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Mini Split Systems

Are you looking for a heating and cooling system that can offer up to 50% energy savings? Go for a mini-split system, which is popular for its high energy rating, quiet operation, flexibility, and other great features. Compared to central air conditioning systems, a mini-split system will let you save energy and money. This type of HVAC system is an excellent option if you want to reduce your monthly energy consumption but still like to experience total comfort while inside your home. Installation is easy since the unit doesn't need ductwork and other expensive modifications. Costly home renovation jobs are also avoided because of the unit’s simple design and setup. The mini split system is a versatile HVAC system since it can be used in various applications in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Mini Split Systems: The Best HVAC for Your Home

At Simmons Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we highly recommend ductless or mini-split systems because of the outstanding benefits they offer. This system is a perfect option for those who want an affordable but highly efficient heating and cooling system. Property owners should not worry about their budget since the installation cost of the ductless system is lower compared to central air systems. Labor and material costs for typical central air systems may double or triple for projects involving multi-story homes or buildings. But it is not the case for mini-split systems. You can have this installed in your home with minimal installation cost.

The mini split system is also a great choice if you are looking for a system that can easily blend well with your interior decor. Floor-standing models are available in sleek and stylish designs. There are also some models that can be suspended from a ceiling or hung on a wall. Just look for certified HVAC installers like us to help you choose the right unit for your home or commercial building.

Top-of-the-line Mini Split Systems

Your mini-split system should be energy efficient and reliable at all times. Make sure your chosen brand is tried and tested by countless satisfied customers. At Simmons Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we only recommend the Mitsubishi brand to our clients. This manufacturer offers world-class products that are proven durable and long-lasting. The mini split systems that it offers are packed with excellent features such as:

  • multi-zone design
  • high-efficiency rating (SEER and HSPF)
  • quiet operation
  • secure installation
  • ductless system
  • small, compact design
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • use inverter technology
  • all-in-one heating and cooling
  • industry’s longest warranties

Call 1-800-929-8339 now to get more information on our top-of-the-line mini-split systems. You may also call our local hotlines if you are residing in any of the service areas that we serve in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

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