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Emergency Boiler Change Out - Hampton NH

We were called in on an emergency boiler changeout.

The old boiler was a Weil McLain 80-plus boiler that had developed a leak due to age. The new featured boiler to replace the old is a Weil McLain 90 plus with a 93.3% Efficiency rating. The fuel consumption is expected to be reduced by 10% annually with this upgrade.

Another benefit was that this new boiler qualifies for a $1000 rebate from the NH Gas Networks.

Emergency Boiler Change Out - Hampton NH Emergency Boiler Change Out - Hampton NH

Notice the changes to the exhaust where plastic piping is used for venting the new boiler vs steel piping on the old. This is because the exhaust gases are better collected and kept to heating the home instead of forcing hotter gases into the outdoors. Lower CO is another consideration.

Emergency Boiler Change Out - Hampton NH Emergency Boiler Change Out - Hampton NH

The old boiler was using a fan-assisted venting system to expel the gases outdoors requiring additional electricity and would have been a source of maintenance and potential repairs in the future. The fan system is not needed on the new boiler.

The exhaust is the grey piping in the picture which is a gasket fitting and approved for higher flue gas temperatures than that of PVC plastic. PVC has been eliminated for use in NH with exhaust venting that exceeds 140 degrees. PVC has long been debated as a suspect product for exhaust venting though approved by most manufacturers of heating equipment for many years. Intake combustion air piping CAN still be of PVC fittings and piping as only fresh air passes through it. Legislation passed this new venting product as the piping of choice for better safety to the end user.

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