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Water Filtration PROJECT - Byfield, MA

This customer is on well water in Byfield, MA. They called us after having their water tested independently. The results suggested a UV filter along with an activated carbon filter. This home was not currently equipped with a water filtration system. They called us out to assist in choosing the right system for their needs.

Water Filtration PROJECT - Byfield, MA

After reviewing the results and assessing the water usage of the home, our technician recommended the Viqua D4 Ultra Violet and an activated carbon whole house filter. Maintenance is minimal, the carbon filter will need to be changed approximately every 6 months while the UV filter only requires a yearly bulb change.

The customer was very pleased with the end results of their new water filtration system design and installation. The quality of their water improved drastically, giving them peace of mind and a much healthier water system overall. Simmons Plumbing completed another successful water filtration project in Byfield, MA.

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