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This customer in Newbury, MA was in need of a water softening system. Their existing system was more than 20 years old and just not keeping up with their water usage. We sent our technician out to get a water sample so that we could be sure the new system we installed was appropriate for the customer’s needs. The sample came back showing pH below acceptable range and a low level of alkalinity, this makes the water corrosive. There were also elevated levels of iron and manganese, making the water hard. The test results suggested an acid neutralizer and a water softener.


We chose the Repco 15RA Acid Neutralizer to address the alkalinity issue. Then a Repco 5R45-2 Water Softener and Brine Tank as well as a new 32-gallon well tank package. The combination of the water softener and the salt solution will help remove the iron and the manganese. The Brine tank does not add salt to the water, there will be no salty taste. There is no maintenance required on the acid neutralizer and the salt level in the brine tank needs to be maintained.

The customer was highly satisfied with the outcome of their new water softening system design and installation. The quality of their water was greatly enhanced, providing them with a far superior water system that resolved all their issues. Simmons Plumbing completed another successful water softening project in Newbury, MA.

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