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Products, Seabrook, NH

We offer nothing but the best heating and plumbing products!

No matter how large or small your project is, Simmons can help you complete the job from start to finish. Begin with one of our skilled comfort advisors, who has been in the heating, cooling and refrigeration business for a minimum of 10 years. They can come up with creative suggestions and/or solutions you may not have thought of to help you decide what best for your individual needs and budget, presenting you with a clear-cut and easy-to-read proposal. Our friendly installation office staff will schedule your project based on your timeline and handle all phases of permitting required. Our fully trained, N.A.T.E.-certified installation crew, complete with licensed gasfitters, will complete the job neatly, promptly, courteously and with attention to detail.

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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners, Seabrook, NH

At Simmons Plumbing & Heating, we expertly install all air conditioning systems from leading brands you can trust. For homes requiring a central AC unit, we recommend an efficient split system or packaged air conditioners tailored to your cooling needs. Split systems include an outdoor condenser and an evaporator coil installed on your furnace or air handler inside. Packaged units combine the compressor, evaporator coil, and condenser into a single exterior unit for simple installation. We also install ductless mini-split air conditioners that allow for zoning and do not require ductwork. Our technicians can further advise on the benefits of multi-stage compressors, two-stage cooling, and SEER ratings. We also offer window units and portable AC options for supplemental cooling. No matter your budget or requirements, we provide quality installation of the perfect air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. In addition to residential ACs, we also handle installing, repairing, and maintaining various commercial systems. Read More About Air Conditioners >>

Air Handlers

Air Handlers, Seabrook, NH

We install premium air handlers from brands like Mitsubishi, ensuring your system delivers quiet, even airflow. We often recommend Mitsubishi's models that feature variable-speed motors for optimal temperature control, efficiency, and energy savings. Their innovative design includes corrosion-resistant cabinets made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel that prevents rust and cracks for exceptional durability and a long lifespan. The brand’s signature silenced airflow system utilizes isolated motor mounts to reduce vibration and noise. With programmable thermostats, zoning panels, humidity controls, and ductless options, Mitsubishi air handlers integrate seamlessly into any existing setup. We determine the ideal size unit based on the dimensions and needs of your space for maximum heating and cooling performance. Our team handles the installation following strict protocols to meet all codes and regulations. After installation, you can rely on us for continued maintenance and service to keep your air handler running at its best for years of reliable operation. Read More About Air Handlers >>


Boilers, Seabrook, NH

We provide professional boiler installation and maintenance services to keep your home heated. Our certified technicians have expertise across hot water and steam boilers from leading brands. We often recommend energy-efficient gas-fired models for the boiler unit and install oil or propane boilers where appropriate. Our experts guide you on all aspects of selecting these systems. Using high-grade materials like stainless steel heat exchangers, the latest boilers deliver reliable warmth while minimizing environmental impact. We determine the correct boiler size for your living space and heating needs. Our team handles the entire installation process, including all plumbing, venting, gas lines, and electrical connections to code. We also specialize in maintenance, repairs, and emergency boiler replacement when issues arise. With proactive upkeep, we can identify and fix minor problems before they become costly. Our certified professionals are here to provide high-quality boiler services, maximizing performance and longevity. Read More About Boilers >>

Comfort Controls

Comfort Controls, Seabrook, NH

Simmons Plumbing & Heating installs comfort controls like thermostats, zoning systems, and more for enhanced control over your home's environment. Advanced digital thermostats allow greater programmability with smart features like remote access, humidity control, and geofencing. Zoning divides your HVAC system into areas for more precise temperature and airflow management. This optimizes efficiency and comfort room-by-room. We advise on thermostats and zoning systems that seamlessly integrate with your current equipment. You gain convenience, efficiency, and cost savings with the right controls. Our expert technicians handle the complete installation following manufacturer specifications. We also provide ongoing service, upgrades, or replacements. You can create a custom climate control solution tailored to your needs and budget with our guidance. We offer professional services at cost-effective pricing and ensure you get value for money with the comfort control installations we provide. Our team also handles the replacement of these systems if yours aren’t functioning as they should. Read More About Comfort Controls >>


Furnaces, Seabrook, NH

For warm, consistent heat, depend on us for professional furnace installation and maintenance. We offer a full range of efficient gas and electric furnace options to suit your home's needs and climate. Top brands, like Mitsubishi, are available to match your budget, and our expert’s advice is on selecting the suitably sized furnace for your living area and existing ductwork. This ensures you receive customized heating solutions for maximum comfort and efficiency. The latest models offer advantages like multi-stage heating, reduced noise, lifetime warranties, and smart thermostat integration. Our certified technicians will handle the entire installation process, including all gas lines, electrical, and venting connections in line with building codes. We also provide annual furnace tune-ups, repairs, and emergency services to optimize performance. Proper maintenance prevents costly breakdowns and prolongs your system's lifespan. When you want to invest in a furnace designed for reliability and energy savings, we are the company to call. Read More About Furnaces >>

Garage Heaters

Garage Heaters, Seabrook, NH

We provide expert installation of residential garage heaters to create a comfortable workspace year-round. We understand the unique heating challenges garages present with minimal insulation. Our experienced technicians recommend and install specialized systems to warm your garage efficiently. Top brands like Mitsubishi offer compact, powerhouse garage heaters engineered for sporadic heating of large, uninsulated areas. Their innovative technology delivers focused, zone heating directed precisely where you need it. Options include gas and electric units with multiple power levels and mounting configurations to match your space. We determine the appropriately sized garage heater based on square footage, insulation factors, and your budget. Our team handles the installation process, including all electrical and gas connections to code. With a properly equipped garage heater from our professionals, you can rely on rapid, efficient heating to transform your garage into usable space anytime. If you want to maximize your garage comfort, we can help with high-quality garage heater installations. Read More About Garage Heaters >>

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps, Seabrook, NH

We specialize in installing premium heat pumps to deliver efficient heating and cooling. As authorized Mitsubishi dealers, we often recommend their innovative, Energy Star-rated heat pumps that utilize the latest compressor and heat exchanger technology for superior performance. Mitsubishi offers a range of ductless and ducted heat pump systems to match your application with options like two-stage operation, multi-zone units, and ultra-low ambient operation. Their Healthy Climate lineup also provides unmatched whole-home ventilation. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly evaluate your existing HVAC system and space requirements to determine the ideal heat pump model and size. The proper system selection ensures you receive customized heating and cooling tailored to your climate and comfort needs, which provides you the value you expect. We handle the professional installation, including all electrical and ductwork connections to manufacturer specifications. Invest in a new, high-efficiency heat pump and count on us for reliable installation and qualified maintenance. Read More About Heat Pumps >>

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Indoor Air Quality Systems, Seabrook, NH

Our company helps select and install indoor air quality systems for cleaner, healthier air. Good IAQ improves comfort while benefiting physical health and productivity. We recommend Mitsubishi products for their engineering excellence and for delivering the highest indoor air purity. Their ventilation systems circulate fresh outdoor air throughout your space to lower stale CO2 levels. Paired with their PureAir air purification, Mitsubishi units filter out allergens, odors, and contaminants. We also offer specialized solutions like humidity control, bipolar ionization, UV germicidal lights, and professional-grade HEPA filtration to target specific needs. Our experienced technicians will comprehensively analyze your existing HVAC system and requirements to determine the ideal IAQ products for your home or workplace. We handle the complete installation of any chosen IAQ systems in line with building codes and best practices. Our expert assistance gives you 24/7 air quality monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimal operation. Investing in quality IAQ systems from us will keep your indoor environment clean and comfortable for years. Read More About Indoor Air Quality Systems >>

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-Split Systems, Seabrook, NH

We specialize in installing cutting-edge mini-split heating and cooling systems, ideal for zoning temperature control in any space. As authorized dealers, we recommend industry leader Mitsubishi Electric and their hyper-efficient, Green Zone-certified systems. Mitsubishi mini-splits allow cooling or heating just the rooms needed without wasting energy on unused spaces. Their wide selection includes wall-mounted, floor-standing, and ceiling cassette units, enabling flexible, inconspicuous installation. As experts in ductless technology, our technicians help determine the correctly sized systems and configurations for your unique space and needs. Mitsubishi systems offer advanced filtration, intelligent controls, and IoT capabilities for comfort and savings. With quiet operation and stylish, low-profile designs, Mitsubishi mini-splits blend seamlessly into any decor. Our team handles the complete installation, meeting exact manufacturer guidelines. We are the experts to call when you want to settle only for the best premium mini-split comfort solutions. We will install these superior, zoned climate control and energy-efficient systems on your property. Read More About Mini-Split Systems >>

Water Heaters

Water Heaters, Seabrook, NH

For reliable hot water, depend on Simmons Plumbing & Heating for professional water heater installation and maintenance. We recommend and install efficient models from leading brands, including tankless on-demand units, conventional tanks, and heat pump water heaters. Tankless heaters provide a continuous, endless hot water supply on demand while only heating the amount needed. This eliminates run-out issues and maximizes energy savings. Conventional storage tanks come in various gallon capacities to meet household demand. For superior efficiency, we offer heat pump water heaters that utilize heat from the surrounding air. Our experienced technicians will assess your space and requirements to advise you on your home's ideal water heater type and capacity. We handle the complete installation process, including all gas lines, electrical, venting, and plumbing connections to code. Invest in a new, energy-efficient water heater from our company, the proven, trusted installers that also provide maintenance and repairs to optimize performance and longevity. Read More About Water Heaters >>

Water Filters

Water Filters, Seabrook, NH

We provide professional water filter installations for homes and businesses for cleaner, safer water. We offer a full range of filtration systems to remove impurities, chemicals, toxins, and other contaminants. Carbon filtration uses a porous media filter to absorb and trap particles through adsorption. Reverse osmosis pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane to reduce dissolved solids and microorganisms. Water softeners replace hard minerals with sodium to prevent scale build-up, which protects plumbing and appliances. No matter your water quality concerns, we have the solution. Our experienced technicians will assess on-site water conditions and requirements to recommend the proper filtration types and capacity. We feature top brands for proven performance and durability. Rest assured, we handle the entire installation following strict protocols and codes. Proper installation ensures maximum contaminant removal and water flow rate. We are the water quality experts for premium whole-house or point-of-use filtration systems tailored to your needs. We also provide ongoing service and maintenance. Read More About Water Filters >>

Well Pumps

Well Pumps, Seabrook, NH

Reliable well water starts with the professional installation of a high-quality well pump system. Simmons Plumbing & Heating provides expert services for all well pump applications, including shallow and deep well jet pumps, submersibles, and above-ground suction pumps. We source robust, energy-efficient pumps from leading manufacturers and handle the installation per manufacturer specifications. Our experienced technicians will assess on-site conditions like well depth, water table level, and flow rate to engineer the appropriately sized pump system. We integrate the well, pressure tank, piping, wiring, and controls for turnkey operation. Strict adherence to codes and safety regulations ensures your well pump provides clean, abundant water for household needs. We also offer maintenance to maximize the lifespan of your well pump with services like line flushing, drawdown testing, and replacement of worn parts like impellers and seals. Our certified well pump specialists will provide sound, efficient, and highly durable systems that draw clean water from your well. Read More About Well Pumps >>

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