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A furnace is a major household appliance that provides heat. For the most part furnaces provide this heat through forced hot air, unlike boilers which provide heat through both hot water and steam. You know you own a furnace if:

  • While the heat is running air comes out of floor or ceiling grills.
  • Air blows around the house in normal use.
  • Your air conditioning comes out of the same registers.
  • There is a sheet metal ducted system in the basement.

LP Gas Furnace heaters are one of the most efficient heating appliances you can have in your home or office. Aside from having full control of the air temperature, furnaces allow you to direct air heat to specific rooms that need the heat more and restrict heat to rooms that don't need it. We can also equip your furnace with a thermostat in order to automatically set your desired room temperature.

While Furnace heaters may be retrofitted to existing homes or office spaces, it can be quite a costly undertaking. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead and design your new dwelling with a Furnace heating system as part of the initial design. In doing so, your costs of installing a Furnace heater will be significantly reduced and you will enjoy the vast benefits and comfort of such a system.

Furnaces, as well as boilers can run on different fuels, the most common is Natural Gas and Oil. LP Gas, however, has become a more popular replacement to Oil due to its higher efficiency and lower cost than Oil. In some areas of the country Oil is still popular but Oil has limitations. One of which, is it cannot be installed in upper levels of the home.

One of which, is it cannot be installed in upper levels of the home.