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First, let’s determine if you have a furnace or boiler heating your home or business.

  • Does your heat come from baseboard type heating along the base of the walls?
  • Does your home have cast iron radiators?
  • Does the heating unit have several types of piping and fittings attached to it, made of either copper or steel?

Positive answers to the above questions would indicate that your heating unit is a boiler.

There are a couple types of boilers that are used to heat your home or office, Steam and Hot Water units.

A hot water boiler does not “boil” per se but heats water or other fluids to be used in various applications. For our purposes, however, it is being used to heat your business or home. A hot water boiler is basically a "box" of hot water, connected to a loop of pipe, radiators or baseboards, which runs around through your home or office space. The same physical water stays in the boiler and is circulated by a pump so that heat is delivered to the living area. Burning fuel makes hot gases which are used to heat the water before being exhausted outside. Pumps move the heated fluids through the system.

A steam boiler literally does boil the water and sends steam rising up through steam riser pipes and through steam radiators. If your heating radiators have valves which hiss and let air escape as heat is coming on you have a steam unit.

Similar to furnaces, boilers can be purchased so as to run on different fuels, the most common would be Natural gas and Oil, although LP Gas has become a popular replacement to Oil. Simmons Plumbing & HVAC can provide you with the boiler of your choice. Contact us for further information and suggestions on what is right for you.


Energy Efficiency (AFUE)
NEW   ESTAR ICON GWM-IE Boiler up to 95  
High-efficiency, gas-modulating condensing water boiler 
ESTAR ICON GWB9-IH Boiler up to 90  
High-efficiency, gas-fired water boiler 
GWB8-IE Boiler up to 84.4  
Standard-efficiency, gas-fired water boiler 
GWB8-E Boiler up to 83.9  
Standard-efficiency, gas-fired water boiler 
COWB3 Boiler up to 85.2  
Standard-efficiency, oil-fired water boiler 
GSB8-E Boiler up to 82.7  
Standard-efficiency, gas-fired steam boiler