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Mini-Split Systems

Ductless or Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems - These air conditioning units are kind of a cross between a Split System unit and a portable air conditioner, if you will. If your home does not have duct work and you are looking for something more than a window unit this may be what you are looking for. It consists of an outdoor unit similar to a split system central air conditioner that is attached to many smaller wall units throughout the home.

Energy Efficiency (SEER)
NEW  MS8Z Mini-Split Heat Pumpup to 16up to 8.232 
Comfort in multiple rooms 
NEW  ESTAR ICONMS8H Mini-Split Heat Pumpup to 22up to 10.226 
Cooling and heating — all in one 
ESTAR ICONMS7H Mini-Split Heat Pumpup to 22up to 10.226 
Reliable comfort — anytime, anywhere 
NEW  ESTAR ICONMS8C Mini-Split Air Conditionerup to 2226  
Year-round comfort anywhere you want 
ESTAR ICONMS7C Mini-Split Air Conditionerup to 2226 
Cooling where you need it, when you need it